Tour by car from the sea and parks

We are not the first to review a Florida vacation, being now a hugely popular destination for travelers from all over the world, but in this article we would like to just tell you how pleasant to spend the Christmas holidays with family and children in the sun of the Caribbean .

Just the fact of abandoning the rigid Italian temperatures to find the 25/30 degrees of Miami, wearing shorts and flip flops worth the trip.

Although Florida seems too far away, already available seven days we can arrange a sufficiently complete tour to accompany the whole family for a walk among some of the most exciting parks in the world.

Traveling in the US are particularly easy, when taking into account that the majority of the population of the 50 states and used to visit other states in the nation before you go all foreign holiday.

For this reason, car rental, accommodation in a Hotel / Motel and above the restaurant have vast choice of possibilities, suitable for every budget and without major problems booking.

But let’s get to the story.

Departure from Milan Malpensa on Christmas Eve: mom, dad and two kids (6 and 8 years old).

Arrival in Miami on Christmas Eve, local time.

After a peaceful sleep, to spend Christmas Day in Miami Beach was a fantastic experience with unexpected baths in the warm and crystal clear Atlantic ocean, fun walks observing the extravagance of people, buildings and cars down Ocean Drive, incredible cocktails on the size exaggerated , lunch of Latin American cuisine, Cuban salsa music in the background and characters of cheerful company with Santa Claus hat on his head!

The next day we headed north and in about 4 hours drive we arrived at Cape Canaveral where we visited the Kennedy Space Center and the popular base of the NASA space launch.

Booking on line entrance and parking the wait was short, and so, very quickly, we started the spectacular tour of the center with a bus tour to see the various launch pads and the hangars where the space modules are set up and stored.

The highlight of the visit was the entry in the building that houses the relics of epic Americana and where space, in addition to assisting the simulation of a space launch, you will see a palm the originals of Apollo modules, the last shuttle space Shuttle Atlantis, suits and all the material used by astronauts on missions to the moon.

The center have also a huge playground with many attractions that simulate various situations in space, so even for children the fun is insured.

Another unmissable destination are the parks of Walt Disney World complex in Orlando that are far from Cape Kanaveral about 2 hours drive.

The area dedicated to Walt Disney World is so vast that it requires the construction of highways to link the various parks!

The possible to organize all the on-line self-examination, based on what you decide to spend, you can also arrange a whole week, all inclusive, all inside of the 5 parks.

In addition to the Disney parks have sprung other theme parks but, given the size and especially the prices, I would say that it is worth focusing only on the first.

Visit them all virtually impossible so we suggest to visit good one or maximum two, chosen according to age of their children, but one thing guaranteed: the parents will have a blast because attractions are really fantastic!

Another suggestion, is to avoid peak days, and if this is not possible to buy the special pass that allows you to skip a limited number of queues to attractions.

To be autonomous, save time and limit spending also suggest having lunch with him, in this way will become more ‘expectations also pleasant to the attractions.

After Disney hangover we head south to the tip more ‘extreme US: Key West and the Florida Keys.

The route is long but in the end, along Highway 1, the view will repay’ the effort made.

Infinite islets surrounded by the Caribbean Sea one another along the bridges that make up this spectacular highway.

We recommend selecting the ‘island that best fits your needs and to wander in search of the beach of your dreams.

We stopped in Islamorada but who comes up to Key West can see The Southernmost point continental USA, the southernmost point of the United States only 140 Km from Cuba.

Before you leave do not forget to sample the local specialty: the Key Lime Pie.



Returning north towards Miami ‘s final stop deserves to be dedicated to the visit of Everglades National Park, one of the great American parks where your children can have fun doing the “little Ranger” and complete with a list supplied at input try to find: alligators, cormorants, manatees, eagles, mangrove and a multitude of other species present only in this park.

The visit of the park can be made aboard their cars but at various points involves walking more or less challenging to do on foot.

Going back to the airport stopping at one of the many shopping malls will allow you to take advantage of lower US prices and with the help of the euro / dollar exchange renew your wardrobe.

All the indicated Tour can be taken in the course of a week but if you have more time available there are several other activities that you can add.

Facilities used for overnight stay are those relating to hotel / motel chains that have quality standards similar to our three stars (Comfort / Quality Inn / Comfort Inn / Days Inn).

The meals were eaten at local restaurants but also in the classical chains located throughout the country and that, apart from McDonald’s also known in Italy, are very numerous and for all tastes (KFC / Taco Bell / Pizza Hut / Denny’s / SubWay) .

If you have decided that this is’ the journey for you and would like to learn more detailed information, please send your request by mail to address of the blog: diariodibordo3@gmail.com

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