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Having already visited Amsterdam on other trips, we decided that the August holidays were a perfect opportunity to organize a drive for the rest of Holland, and leave so muggy and crowded beaches of the Mediterranean.

Ten-day trip, with a stop in Strasbourg and leg to return to Alsace, offer enough time to visit the main towns, excluding the larger towns that deserve specific visits.

Traveling with children aged 6 and 8 years is essential to be organized and to make journeys to bear 5/6 hours load on board : tablet film and cartoons, fruit and cookies for snacks, water, books, pillows … try it …. even in first class they would travel better.

Percorso Olanda

Coming from the south the first visit is dedicated to Maastricht.

Town became famous for the famous treaties can be visited in a couple of hours and then identified as a step to break up the journey.

Taking in the direction of Delft realize right away that traveling for the Holland will be a very pleasant experience: given the almost total absence of traffic, the presence of roads and toll-free motorways that go in all directions, the ‘absence of bulky and polluting vehicles heavy but especially for the succession of relaxing panoramas with flowers and grazing animals.

The only care that must be taken is to bicycles which, in these parts, are the most common means of transport and that for obvious reasons take precedence over all!

Delft is an interesting town, immersed in a predominantly agricultural vocation in the area, so we also suggest to stay there more than one night, perhaps choosing one of the many farms offering hospitality.

We’ve been to Buitengoed De Uylenburg where it’s possible to obtain abundant and tasty breakfasts and good evening meals at the nearby Bistrot.

From Delft and ‘can arrange day several visits among which:

-Kinderdjik, World Heritage Site of ‘UNESCO, where and’ can wander around the complex of 19 windmills that had once helped to wrest this land to the sea.

The visit can be made on foot or by bicycle, it lasts half a day and includes multimedia movies, inputs in some of the still working mills and, to the delight of children, many educational activities including a beautiful game that simulates the operation of mills related flooding, wind and drought.

-Utrecht, lively university city with beautiful pedestrian center, shops, cafes and channels along which to walk.

Obviously Delft itself  is a destination to visit, with its beautiful historic center, the canals and the museum dedicated to the famous painter Vermeer.

We also suggest you to crop a few hours to take a walk along one of the many cycle paths that run all around the city, penetrating the woods between farms and ponds.

The island drive away, and his visit can last half a day.

Only suggestion and ‘to have with you’ electronic payment systems because l ‘only parking usable only accept payment by credit cards.

Nearby there ‘the town of Edam, which became famous for the cheese produced in local farms and characterized by the typical round shape covered in colored wax and flavored with various spices.

Make sure you go from here Wednesday cause during the summer is often organized the commemoration of the cheese market costume, Kaasmarkt.

The kids will have a blast between tastings, olandesine with wooden shoes and goliardic porters with strange sedans are sure to weigh your children. Whoever guesses the weight wins the object weighed!

Kaasmarkt Edam
Kaasmarkt Edam


Going further north, and possible to organize a hike to one of the Wadden islands bordering the Wadden Sea, another heritage site UNESCO’ which consists of a large part of the North Sea which is governed by the man with the ‘use of closed and bridges.

Along the way we stopped for a break and looking for a playground where letting the kids run.

We found the park has surprised us the lack of benches to sit on, especially considering that in Italy these are disputes to be used by the various “body guard” grandfathers, uncles or parents in charge of “surveillance” of children at play.

Immediately we understood how things work around here when we saw it coming a little group of children who themselves have walked the way from home, they organized themselves for the games and all ‘now agreed have returned home without ever arguing.

The night before embarking on the ferry stayed in Harlingen B & B Oosterpark where the owner and ‘did his best to arrange an early breakfast at five in the morning.

The breakfast box which was delivered to the room there contained so much food to be enough for lunch once you get on ‘island!

We chose the ‘island of Vlieland that being one of the most’ small would have allowed us to organize a complete bike ride.

We stayed and dined at ‘Hotel De Herbergh van Flielant.

Sull ‘island there are hotels and good restaurants, bike rentals, a beautiful bike path that allows you to make the complete circumnavigation as well as vast beaches where and’ can stroll and admire the North Sea by collecting beautiful shells.

The climate also during July and August and ‘all things considered warm but not sultry, but we must take into account the latitude and consequently provide cold or windy days and some rain.

Do not worry for the kids and for the fact that you can tire out in shifts, our have considered the fact to change hotel every day as a great opportunity to explore new territory every time.

The Dutch have had mostly to tear the sea lands for living and for the sea went to conquer the world, they live in small towns in the green and have more bicycles than cars, but travel in this country conveys a great sense of civilization and a ‘extraordinary openness.

If you have decided that this is the journey for you and would like to learn more details can post a comment on this post or you can send your request by mail to address of the blog: diariodibordo3@gmail.com

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