Discovering two beautiful regions.

In mid-September, we decided to go by car and as well as pay a visit to our friends Formia, to make a small tour through the lesser-known areas of Lazio and Tuscany.

The trip turned out to be full of interesting discoveries, picturesque locations, beautiful sea and excellent food and wine.

First stage of  leg was Saturnia in the province of Grosseto and its thermal baths.

We are on the border with the Maremma and finding accommodation is generally very easy, given the presence of numerous well-organized farms.

The afternoon was spent pleasantly at the famous Mulino Waterfalls, natural thermal pools formed over centuries thanks to sulfur water gushing from the hill, and then in pools of the spa Terme di Saturnia Spa.

Piscine naturali a Saturnia
Piscine naturali a Saturnia

pools in Saturnia

The next morning we headed to Formia, on the border with Campania, and there we visited the Gulf of Gaeta surfing sailing.

With sufficient time available you can reach Ponza and the other Pontine Islands, where, in the right season, you can bathe in a wonderful sea.

City where he lived Cicerone, Gaeta is worth a visit for half a day; before leaving do not forget to sample the Buffalo Mozzarella produced in one of the many dairies in the area.

Going up the coast you can visit the famous town Sperlonga, perched on the rock, or Terracina with its beautiful beaches. In our opinion Sperlonga is far more charming with narrow streets, craft shops and beautiful views of the Tyrrhenian Sea.

Continuing north, after passing Sabaudia and Circeo, we meander in AgroPontino  in the direction of Latina and Frosinone.

Latina deserves a ride to visit the center and see examples of rationalist architecture developed during the Fascist era, while further east Anagni can be located for a stopover or a walk in the small village, perhaps by reading stories of the famous “slap” given symbolically the temporal power of the state to the spiritual power of the church to ‘era of Pope Boniface VIII.

Continuing in the direction of Tivoli you can visit the beautiful gardens of the Villa d’Este and the Villa Adriana archaeological site.

Villa d 'Este in Tivoli
The gardens of the Villa d ‘Este in Tivoli

In our opinion, Tivoli does not offer particularly interesting accommodation, so after the visit we decided to go up to Orte on the border with the Umbria.

In the area there are several holiday farms and we chose at random Casale Hortensiae. The choice proved apt!

Assuming that the tastes and needs of each are very different, in this house we found a welcome out of the ordinary and tasted great country kitchen.

Abandoned Orte we headed to Viterbo to visit the San Pellegrino district, stage of the Via Francigena, and the beautiful Town Hall.

Heading north we arrived at the Bolsena Lake where it was possible to spend several pleasant days.

Again, these farms offer hospitality with comfortable accommodation, panoramic and immersed in the tranquility, also you were based in Bolsena you can organize beautiful half-day excursions.

The visit of the town itself and the nearby village of Marta, are very relaxing, and it is easy to find good restaurants serving local specialties.

Historic village of Bolsena
An alley of the old town of Bolsena



Indispensable is the visit of Orvieto with its splendid cathedral, Civita di Bagnoregio and Pitigliano, to be considered among the most beautiful old town of the area if not of Italy.



Widespread in this area is the cultivation of legumes that recommend buying chickpeas, lentils, beans, chickpeas and other delicacies of the earth.

In the area there is also Montefiascone, known to be stage of the Via Francigena, which passes through it, the beautiful old town, the numerous restaurants but especially for the wine cellars where is produced the famous Est! Est!! Est!!!

Wine appreciated since the times of the ancient Romans.

Piazza a Montefiascone

Piazza Montefiascone

Abandoning the Lazio enter in Tuscany in one of the most beautiful and known the region: Montalcino, Pienza, Montepulciano and the Val d’ Orcia.

Speaking of food and wine here there is only the spoiled for choice with wine, cold cuts up to the Pecorino di Pienza, you will not be at bocca asciutta!

We chose to stay in San Quirico d ‘Orcia, but the advice is to wander through the hills and vineyards to the house looking for you.

In the evening we treated ourselves to a dinner of Tuscan salami, Florentine steak, Brunello di Montalcino and nooks ….

Val d' Orcia
Campagna della Val d’ Orcia

Campaign of the Val d ‘Orcia

Before returning to Bergamo we treated ourselves to a the other day at the beach in Castiglione della Pescaia, where in addition to a nice beach, a beautiful promenade and a number of hotels we could find restaurants specializing in seafood beyond expectations.

If you have decided that this is the trip for you and you would like more detailed information, you can send your request by mail to ‘address of the blog:


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