Camper tour

Pristine land, pure nature, spectacular glaciers and endless lava fields.

Traveling in Iceland means to travel freely, to contemplate nature and enjoy the beautiful feelings that this gives you.

During the summer the absence of darkness is the first thing that hits you, you can travel and contemplate nature at any time. The sky never gets dark.

Take the road nr. 1 south allows you to sense the vastness of the Vatnajokull glacier, the largest in Europe.

Admire the huge blocks of ice that slowly go towards the sea leaves you speechless.

Wait a geyser jet and feel the puff that comes from the earth moves you stomach.

Eating a sandwich, in a lay-by, surrounded by a vast expanse of purple flowers and the background the mountains, fills the soul of serenity.

Take a walk to the summit of the Hverfjall crater and a lava field, makes you imagine the enormous power and devastation of volcanic eruption.

Exit by boat to see the whales, so huge but agile, leaves you stunned.

Look into the eyes of the puffin sends you so tenderly.

This is Iceland and some reasons for deciding to visit it.

Dating Tips

  1. We traveled with two children aged 6 and 8, in June, and we used a camper van for transportation. This allowed us to be agile when moving and to be able to do even a bit ‘of dirt road (not allowed in a camper), to be completely autonomous for lunch and dinner (with children is very useful), and to contain costs (hotels and dinners at the restaurant are very expensive)
  2. Free camping is prohibited in Iceland from 2015 due to the tourist influx. Campsites do not have to book and we never had trouble finding the spot. They are generally simple but functional and often placed in scenic locations.
  3. Clothing in onion and anti rain
  4. The things to see are numerous and it is therefore essential to make a selection according to your needs. Waterfalls, lava fields and black sand beaches are numerous and worth visiting them a little chance.
  5. Drinks are in our opinion: The glacier of Vatnajokull, the lagoon of Jakulsarlon iceberg the puffins in Borgarfjordur Eystri, whales Husavik, ocher expanses in Hverir, the thermal baths of Myvatn, the crater of Hverfjall, the area of Geysers
  6. Possible route (to be modified according to weather conditions and the times that you want to devote to the visit):

Percorso Islanda

day 1

morning park visit Club d ‘Oro: Thingvellir-Geysir-Gulgoss-Skogafoss-Reykjadalur- Hella

Afternoon Secret Lagoon or visit the area Eyjafjallajokull volcano-Valahnukur- Solheimajokull

Vik area overnight

300 km about 4 1/2 hours drive

day 2

Recovery morning that possibly have not seen the previous day

Iceberg Jokulsarlon Lagoon afternoon and you can trekking near the glacier Watnajokull

Hofn area overnight

270 km about 4 hours drive

day 3

morning street of the eastern fjords (Puffin)

afternoon idem

Egilsstadir area overnight

330 km about 5 hours car

day 4

morning and Lake Myvatn Namaskard, Grjótagjá (volcanic cave with a lake) and Hverfjail (crater)

Afternoon thermal pools Myvatn

Myvatn area overnight

175 km and about 3 hours drive

day 5

Husavik Whale morning to 10:00

free afternoon in Dettifoss area

Myvatn area overnight

100 km approximately 2 hours drive

day 6

morning visit Krafla volcano and lava fields, Hverir (geothermal field)

afternoon shower heads and Leirhnjukur Godafoss

Akureyri area overnight

160 km about 3 hours drive

day 7

westbound morning transfer with stops along the way to the Tröllaskagi Penisula

afternoon view of Stadur area to visit homes with d ‘grass roof

Stadur area overnight

230 km and about 3 1/2 hours drive


morning transfer until the Snaefellsjokull Peninsula with stops along the way

Afternoon visit the peninsula and birdwatching

Olafsvik area overnight

175 km about 3 hours drive

day 9

Jolly day can stop in Reykiavik

return up to 240 km Keflavik about 4 hours drive

If you have decided that this is the journey for you and would like to learn more detailed information, please send your request by mail to address of the blog:

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