Traveling is wonderful! Whatever trip reserve us a surprise.

If you like documentaries and animals, then, there are some places which are well worth a visit. In this article we want advise some, who for us was unique and exceptional.

Magellanic penguins : Punta Tombo, Argentina. It is a nesting reserve, the largest in South America. Here you have the opportunity to walk among thousands of these funny and cute animals and see them hatch the eggs in the nest. They take precedence and therefore they pass you must stop and let them pass, so as to interfere as little as possible in their habits. The period in which you can see this show goes from August to April. The site is easily reached by car along a dirt road.

Whales, sea lions and elephants : the Valdes Peninsula in Argentina. This is a wildlife reserve where you can see different species of animals. As for the whales, the whale season is from June to December. The best way to spot them is a boat trip. In Puerto Piramides there are several agencies that organize excursions of about 3 hours, with Zodiac boats or boats bigger. We recommend very warm clothing because the cold is felt. A unique and intense to see and hear these giants of the sea so close. We managed to see them even from Puerto Madryn jetty. In Punta Delgada however, be reached by car with a paved road, you can admire the cliff lions and elephant seals. Admire them while basking in the sun is certainly interesting, but whether you can be a bit of time you can also see some fights between males for the defense of the territory and females. Recommended period spring.

Sea Puffin and Whales : a Borgarfjodur Eystri Husavik in Iceland. Throughout the island there is the presence of this bird by the sweet eyes and the funny walk, you can admire at various points on the cliffs. We recommend going to Borgarfjodur Eystri, in the north east of the island. Here is a small promontory and from here you can really see these animals up close. The puffins can be seen from mid-April to early August. As for whale watching it is definitely the best point Husavik from which many excursions. In case of bad weather the sea can be very rough and demanding output (particularly for children).

Sule Bassane: A Ile Bonaventure in Canada. It is a bird sanctuary, reachable with a day trip, and you can see lots of birds but particularly Sule Bassane. Here is the largest North American colony (about 60,000 specimens), birds of extraordinary beauty and elegance. The gannets maintain marital ties and attend a couple meeting is very exciting: you recognize among thousands of similar and exchange effusions. In addition to the eye it will strike the din they do together.

Dolphins : Setubal in Portugal. These wonderful animals that often we have seen on the small screen, and all we got was nice and sweet, you can see a half-day excursion by boat in the estuary of the River Sado. You can hear their shrill and you can see their jumps when they approach the boat.

Bears : Yellowstone Park in the US. In this park, of immense beauty, that you should definitely visit, you can also see the bears. We have spent in this park a few days and as we drove by car to the north part of the park we spotted some. We stopped, we got out, remaining close to it, and we stayed for about 30 minutes stop and silently admiring two puppies playing while their mother was watching them closely. Obviously to be able to spot you have to have a lot of patience, there is a particular place nor a time, but if you succeed in the enterprise will repay the emotion of the labors.

White horses : in the Camargue. The Camargue is a lagoon area in the south of France, most of its territory is a nature park, where you can see white horses that graze in the marshes. The beauty and elegance of these animals will charm you. Numerous then the chance to do some sight ride the presence of numerous stables in the area.

Lions, cheetahs, leopards, gazelles, zebras, elephants, monkeys, hippos, crocodiles : safari in BOTSWANA. This is definitely a wonderful experience for those who decide to spend your entire vacation to the animal world. The policies of this country are directed to preserve intact the environment of the savanna and minimize human impact. The parks are left as much as possible in their natural state and this makes their visit even more true. We slept in tents in parks and used half discovered for the game drive, or the outputs to sunrise or sunset in search of animals. Sleeping in a tent in the bush was an important experience because it allowed us to experience this environment even at night. In the tent at night, you can hear the noise and animal sounds. In this safari we were accompanied by a ranger who explained the rules of behavior and helped us spot the animals.

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